Reasons to be chosen

The technical capabilities of Amuza, which has never had an accident for past 15 years,
have passed the technical certification test of the Navy of the governments of the Middle East.
Safe and secure Made in Japan submersibles will be offered from all over the world in the near future.

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    New Values

    The way to play a personal submersible is unprecedented, so it is a world that most people do not know.
    It can be said that it is a special leisure for a specific customer base because it is technically difficult and it is a very expensive product.

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    Deep sea world views

    Interest in space and interest in the deep sea are polarized.
    Various deep-sea mysteries that have not been elucidated since today,
    when it was accepted worldwide that there are safe vehicles in the deep sea, will be revealed.

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    Made in Japan
    Unique and unique technology

    It is the only entertainment submersible development company in Japan and Asia.
    It is truly an all-Japan submersible manufacturing engineer with all the people who handled confidential technology related to the foundation of Japan as technical executive officers.