The product description and purchase flow

About Amuza Japan

Amuza Japan, the only submersible manufacturer in Japan that has received "technological innovation" certification. As a company specializing in the manufacture and development of recreational submersibles, we have a large number of great and famous engineers. There is no competition for submersible development due to the technological capabilities recognized by listed companies around the world.

潜水艇 C1-500マルチ / Romanesque

A submersible C1-Multi500/ Romanesque

The only model that can dive up to 500m in the deep sea as a large submersible (maximum 6 crew members),
Furthermore, the greatest strength is that it is a submersible that can overlook 360 degrees in the sea.

Vehicle Details

  • External dimensions

    Whole body 7700mm, total width 3800mm, total height 3900mm

  • Weight


  • Number of passengers

    6 (horizontal front facing 2-row seats)

  • Maximum total crew weight

    600 kg

  • Charging mileage per charge


  • Oxygen duration

    3 days

  • Carbon dioxide adhering material

    3 days

  • Maximum running time

    15 hours

  • Battery life

    20 hours



We carry out a one-year manufacturer's warranty and regular inspections and driving training even one year later.

Purchase Flow

  • 0 1

    Please contact us from the mail format.

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    We will contact you shortly.

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    We will set the meeting place or zoom meeting, date and time, and hold a meeting.

  • 0 4

    We will give you a quote after listening to your request. Please have your financial certificate ready.

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    We will send you the contract format only if we are agreed.

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    After the contract, we will start construction of the only original submersible in the world after listening to your design request.

  • 0 7

    We will deliver to the designated delivery place. Think of it as 6-9 months.