Irie Corporation

Irie Corporation opens up a new era of submersibles with a submersible called C1-500 Multi.
It is the first corporation to purchase and operate in Japan.
Discovered the potential of C1-Multi500 Romanesque as an authorized distributor,
We are looking forward to meeting with people who share our interest in returning profits to society through this submersible business.

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    Designed after understanding the three major mistakes in submersibles, Thanks to that, there has been no accident for 15 years since the dive, and the submersible of Amuza Japan has been adopted with the technical approval from the royal family in the Middle East and the Japanese government.

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    With numerous patents and designs, we have received technical approval from the Middle Eastern tribes and the Japanese government, and no matter which country in the world you look for, we are the top company in the submersible field and there is no competition.

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    Future Prospect

    We have successfully passed the rigorous due diligence of listed companies around the world, including Japan, and will accelerate and promote our business in collaboration with major listed companies.